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Young athletes are training harder, playing more and specialising earlier than ever before. 

The risks of injury have never been higher.

Learn how players can build strong, mobile and resilient bodies through play, the barefoot way!



Whether you’re an aspiring young athlete or a seasoned pro, injuries can alter the course of a career and ultimately life beyond football.

The cost of healthcare can quickly add up. Not to mention the toll an injury can take on the physical and mental wellbeing of players while they're stuck on the sidelines.


Juniors who’ve never suffered a serious sprain, strain or fracture never think it will happen to them. They’re young, pain free and invincible, right?


Effective injury prevention programs do exist but most are repetitive and boring. It’s work, not play and you don’t need research to know what children prefer.


We want to create a culture where players understand the importance of improving their balance, strength and mobility from the ground up.

Through a play-based approach we believe we can help players build powerful habits and ultimately boost the overall physical and mental health of your club.


The Hack-Ademy is an injury prevention program with in-person and online training that integrates seamlessly into any club.

This is achieved by educating coaches, players and parents and giving athletes the tools to train their balance, strength and mobility at home, in training and on the field.


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Feet are a footballers most dangerous weapon. 


They're also pretty incredible structures.


Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints and 4 layers of muscle.


They're our foundation and are extremely important sensors for the body.


Feet function best in their natural state, free of restriction.

Check out the series below to learn how you can start putting your feet first.