Youth sports are becoming increasingly professionalised meaning athletes are training harder, playing more and specialising earlier than ever before. 

More hours on the field, means more exposure to the risk of injuries.

We want to help prevent those injuries by giving players the tools to build strong, mobile and resilient bodies through play, the barefoot way!




"The "best" injury prevention program is the one that can and will be adopted and sustained by athletes, coaches, and sporting bodies."

Emery & Pasanen, 2019

Strength and conditioning doesn't have to feel like a chore.


Our programs are focused on teaching players how to find joy in their movement, understand their bodies better and build habits for life.




Feet are beautifully complex structures, each with 26 bones, 33 joints and 4 layers of muscle.


They're our physical foundation and are extremely important sensors for the body.


Feet function best in their natural state, free of restriction.


Over time, modern footwear (like soccer boots) make them weak and stiff but feet thrive with frequent exposure to texture and load.